Help with Miner Control Pro

Diagram of Mining Control Pro

Getting Started

Getting Started with Mining Control Pro

Run the application by either selecting the desktop icon or typing "Mining Control" in the Start menu.

Getting to Settings

Go to Options > Settings to open Settings.

Main Settings

We are going to skip the "Main" tab/ section for this tutorial since it involves setting up your email.

CLICK HERE to setup your email.
Settings for GPU Miner

The GPU tab/ section is where you set up the GPU settings.

The "Terminate/ Alert Temp" is the GPU temperature to alert you by email or SMS if your hardware is getting too hot. Also, this same setting is used to terminate your miner client (miner application) to stop mining and allows your hardware to cool down.

The "Fan Speed Threshold" is mostly used for the Miner Application Process Manager, that will Not run the miner client application if the GPU's fan speed is not above the Threshold. However, it will display in red on the GPU Grid if the fan speed is not above the threshold.

Next, We are going to skip the rest of the values since it applies to the Miner Client Process Manager. The tutorial to setup the Process Manager can be found CLICK HERE.

Settings for ASIC Miner

We are also going to skip the "ASIC" tab/ Section. You can go to the Tutorial CLICK HERE to setup you Asic Information.

GPU Color Temperature Settings

Finally, you can set up your GPU Temperature for the respective Colors. However, we recommend you leave the settings at the Default Settings.