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Roulette Analyzer

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Casinos may have a slight edge, but Roulette Analyzer with Betting Strategies Flips that Edge!

  • Utilizes a "Counting Cards" Strategy Transferred to Roulette
  • Strategy Betting Profit Analyzer
  • Bar Chart Profit Strategy Analyzer
  • Loss Tracking with Known Plays
  • Loss History
  • See the Most & Least Played Roulette Numbers
  • Diagram of Bet Types

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Strategy Analyzer

Card Counting in Roulette

The "Counting Cards" strategy with Blackjack focuses on finding a "Rich" Shoe (~Deck). The Shoe is considered "Rich" when the bad cards are mostly depleted. Similarly, this strategy could be transferred to Roulette by playing the least profitable strategies or using the least played numbers which have the highest probability of coming up in the future. This is all included with Roulette Analyzer!

The betting strategy profit analyzer shows you which strategy is most profitable, least profitable, and all in between.

Includes all betting Strategies: Red, Black, Even, Dozen, Strait Up, Street Bets ...

  • Bar Chart of the Profit of Each Strategy
  • Arranges Most & Least Profitable Strategies as a List
  • Arranges Most & Least Played Numbers as a List

Roulette Analyzer Unveil &
Upcoming "Market Pivot "A.I. Financial Software

The Betting Grid

The 'Betting Grid' shows you the Profit & Loss for each of the known Roulette Bets. It tells you what it takes to take a loss, break even, or play a slam dunk and be 'Deep in the Green!'

Roulette Analyzer works well with the Martingale System, Value Betting etc. However, whatever strategy you choose it is best to be consistent with Roulette, and control your emotion.

Betting Grid
Strategy Analyzer

Think in Units!

All of the bets in Roulette and size of the bets can be confusing that is why one needs to Think in Units. $10 dollars could be 1 unit or 5 dollars could be 1 unit. It does not matter, but it is easier to calculate 3 units instead of keeping track of all the math of a 8 x ($15 + $15) (3X 1 unit = $5). Instead 8 x 6 = 48 units. Moreover, 0.20 Bitcoin could be easily considered as 1 unit as well. Roulette Analyzer uses this strategy, but if your amount is a whole number, it would work with the software without a problem.

Additionally, the 'Loss Input' also keeps things simple, too many variables or too many nobs to turn would get complicated and confusing. Roulette Analyzer counteracts that by using 3 inputs to easily input losses.

Likewise, The software also keeps track of your losses and displays the history in the upper right hand corner.

Roulette Backdrop
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Roulette Analyzer Software Version_2

Roulette Analyzer

Casinos may have a slight edge, but Roulette Analyzer with Betting Strategies Flips that Edge!

Utilizes an Extensive "Counting Cards" Strategy Transferred to Roulette and more.

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