Help with Roulette Analyzer

Partial Diagram of Roulette Analyzer

Getting Started

Open Roulette Analyzer Software

To get Started go to your Start Menu and Type "Roulette Analyzer" to open the application

Let's start with the Stats tab. The Stats tab shows you all the different bets you can make and where they are. It also displays the Casino advantage for each of the bets. Roulette usually has a casino advantage of 5.26%, but some of the bets have more of a disadvantage.

Betting Types and Statistics

The Strategy tab shows you which strategy is making money currently and which one is not. The bar chart shows the most and least profitable strategies currently from the numbers that have played. NOTE!: when you start, the graph will be blank since you have not played any Roulette numbers yet.

Strategy Tab Profit and Loss Bar Chart Display

Next, is the area you add the Roulette Numbers. This will be the most used section that you will use. Since this section is the area where you add each Roulette number. To add a number, type the number in the "Current Inputted Number" field and hit the "PLAY" button. Next, to the right in big blue letters is the previous number, and the series of numbers below is the numbers following the previous number.

The Main Play Section to Play Roulette Numbers

Then, we have the different Metrics that shows the Best and Worst betting strategies currently, and displays the Top & Bottom numbers that were most and least played. Additionally, If you understand Counting Cards in Black Jack, you will understand the importance of these metrics and how Roulette Analyzer gives you additional tools.

To go to the tutorial please CLICK HERE.

Roulette Metrics and Statistics
Roulette Bet and Loss Tracking, Profit and Loss

Next, is the Profit and Loss section. This section tracks our loss rather than our profit to impede greedy emotions that stop one from making risky decisions. To go to the tutorial please CLICK HERE.

Profit and Loss Roulette Betting Grid

Finally, is the "Betting Grid", you can access the Tutorial here: CLICK HERE