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Affiliate Summary: is an Artificial Intelligence software company with several different technology products. Our affiliate program pays handsomely with 10% percent commissions. With a goal of providing our affiliate partners the easiest and clearest path to begin earning commissions.

The Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you do not have to handle the products yourself, all shipping, packaging, delivery etc. is handled by the main company. This also gives one the ability to focus on their own business model than having to research all of the specifics if you were to do it all on your own. Whether you are just starting out or looking for new ways to grow, having an affiliate can truly enhance your business.

Our Affiliate Program:

What could be better than offering our great software products to those that visit your web site, earn additional revenue, and making a healthy sum on the side for doing so? Our software at is usually delivered within minutes which really enhances the customer experience. Our Innovative technology algorithms are built by superior developers with certifications in various versions of Artificial Intelligence. web affiliate software shows detailed reporting over the months to see how you stack up. It is sure to guide to success, offering the tools and support to succeed in today's competitive online marketplace. Participating in the affiliate’s comprehensive program is quick and easy, and can be setup within minutes.

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